Training FAQs

Inequality. Exclusion. Misogyny. Microaggressions. Sexual Harassment.

Unfortunately, toxic workplace cultures have been around for a long time. The goal of the Safer Places NB training is to help prevent workplace sexual harassment with the right information, resources and tools.

Training FAQs

We offer two options:

  • Pre-scheduled sessions facilitated over ZOOM. If your organization would like to schedule a ZOOM session, please fill out this form or email us at for more information.
  • Self-guided online training, which you can start at any time.

No, the training is free.

Employers have a legal obligation to both prevent and address workplace harassment. 

These legal obligations come from:

  • Common law (i.e., “judge made law”)
  • Occupational health & safety legislation (New Brunswick Occupational Health & Safety Act, Canada Labour Code)
  • Human rights (NB Human Rights Act, Canadian Human Rights Act)

As of April 1, 2019, all employers in NB are required to have a workplace harassment complaint policy. 

The training you will receive will help you know what to do if you experience or witness sexual harassment at the workplace. You will also learn how to recognize all forms of sexual harassment, and what your best options are to deal with it.

If you choose the self-guided option:

  • The employee version takes approximately 45 minutes
  • The employer/manager version takes approximately 1 hour

If you choose to take a facilitated ZOOM session:

  • The employee version is 1.5 hours
  • The employer/manager version is 3 hours

All you need is a computer with an internet connection and web browser.

No, you can take the training at your own pace and in multiple sessions.  Your place will be saved where you left off.

Yes. You create a username and password as part of the sign up process, so you can use that username/password immediately after sign up to login and start your training.

Yes, we offer the training in French and English. To change the language on the training interface, check out our Tips for Registering.

The certificate will be emailed to you as a pdf for printing and saving once you complete the course.

workplace sexual harassment

What you can do

Everyone in the workplace has the right to work without being sexually harassed. We can all be part of the positive conversation on how to prevent and address sexual harassment. This will help to create safer workplaces.

You can ask your employer to post a Positive Conversations poster in your break room.