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Workplace sexual harassment hurts everyone. Let’s work together to end it. Register for free online training anytime.

Our Workplace Sexual Harassment training includes videos, free resources, interactive quizzes, and case studies.

For employers:

Lessons include:

  • information about your legal obligations under New Brunswick’s Health and Safety and Human Rights legislation;
  • templates for making a Harassment Policy for your workplace and Complaint Forms for employees;
  • interactive case studies and quizzes; 
  • tips for informal and formal resolution options for responding to a complaint.

For employees:

Lessons include:

  • examples and scenarios of workplace sexual harassment;
  • types of discrimination;
  • your rights and obligations;
  • an employer’s responsibilities;
  • bystander/witness intervention;
  • how to report workplace sexual harassment.

Tips for Registering

Please follow these steps to register for “Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment” self-guided training. You can start the lessons and come back to them at any time, your place will be saved.

At the Register page, select the button that reads Register for free/Inscrivez-vous gratuitement. 

You will need to fill in the following fields:

  • First name/Prénom 
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  • Email address/Adresse e-mail 
  • Password/Mot de passe 
  • Country

When these fields are completed, click Register/Je m’inscris.

Once your account is set up, you will be brought to a “dashboard” containing our four modules: sessions for employers in English and in French, and sessions for employees in English and in French.

To change your interface so that it will present you with either English or French navigation buttons, choose the dropdown menu on the top right of the page next to your name and profile icon, and choose My account/Mon compte.

You will be taken to a page titled Your account/Votre Profil. Scroll down on this page where you will see fields for your account information. You will find a section titled Site language/Langue du site which will be set to “Anglais.” Click on the dropdown menu to choose either Anglais-English or French/français.

To save the changes, click the button on the bottom which says Save changes/enregistrer les modifications.

Your navigational buttons should now all be set to appear in the language of your choice, and will continue to do so each time you sign into your Safer Places NB  account.

When you complete the course, you will receive by email a Certificate of Completion from Safer Places NB, which you can download and print.

Thank you for taking this course, and choosing to be an advocate for a workplace free of sexual harassment!

New Brunswick Employers

Workplace Harassment Policy Guide and Reporting Harassment Form

These documents provide a comprehensive list of checkpoints and guidelines to create a sexual harassment policy that is compliant under WorkSafeNB’s regulations.  The policy outlines the steps to follow when complaints are filed, and options for either informal or formal resolution procedures.  The fillable Reporting Harassment form will help employees who wish to make a complaint about harassment to their employer.

Employers are free to use these tools, or they can adapt or brand them to suit their own workplace.  These tools are intended to help you create a healthy, harassment-free work environment for all your employees.